2019 Nominations

Nominations for the 2019 awards are now closed.

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Tomorrow's Leader

For individuals with less than five years in-house experience and less than 10 years at the bar. Outline the individual’s role in a recent project/initiative in the legal department.

What unique skills/business practices has the individual brought to the department that has improved the overall way work gets done, i.e., technology, project management, etc.

In-house Dealmakers

Outline a recent merger/acquisition deal in the last 12 months that was handled primarily by the in-house legal department.

Consideration will be given to how the in-house team structured the handling of the deal between in-house resources and any external legal services providers.

Law Department Diversity

Describe how a legal department has taken the initiative to improve diversity in the organization, specifically spearheading a project from the perspective of the legal department.

Law Department Management

Outline a project/initiative the legal department has taken on in the last year that demonstrates innovation in law department management. Where possible, please provide any metrics to demonstrate the success of the initiative.

Legal Operations

Outline a project/initiative the legal operations team has taken on in the last year that demonstrates innovation in working with lawyers and non-lawyers to achieve a specific outcome. Where possible, please provide any metrics to demonstrate the success of the initiative.

Working with External Counsel

Outline a project/case in the last 12 months on which the in-house legal department worked with external counsel in an innovative way. This could be around fee arrangements, how a matter was handled from a resource perspective or use of technology. Where possible, include metrics/key performance indicators.

Litigation Management

Please outline a recent innovation on a litigation file/project or portion thereof that the legal department has handled in the last 12 months (it may still be ongoing).

Law Department Leadership

Describe how a GC or chief legal officer demonstrates excellence in-house, outline an initiative they have taken on in the last year to improve efficiency/operations in the department and for the organization overall.

Best Practices in Compliance Systems

Please outline a recent project/initiative that was rolled out by the legal department to address a need in the area of compliance systems. How is the system important to the clients/business units that the legal department serves? Where possible, provide metrics to support success of the project.

Risk Management

Outline a situation in the last year where the legal department took a lead role in a risk management initiative in the organization. Tell us what made the approach innovative.

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The 2018 Innovatio Awards is the pre-eminent award program designed to celebrate innovation in-house. Ultimately, it is about sharing best practices of the in-house bar to reflect the maturity of Canadian law departments.

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